Human Landscape

Van Mensvoort
September 21st 2009

Our peculiar image of the week was created by artist Levi van Veluw, who reinvents the classical fine art of landscape painting, by moving from the traditional 'oil on canvas' to the use of his own face as a canvas.

By combing the romantic landscape and self-portrait genres he gives a fresh twist to the obsession inherent in the romantic landscape of recreating the world and simultaneously being part of it.

Look around you and try to find the most natural object in the room you are in now. It is you.

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Martijn van Mensvoort
Posted 15/10/2009 – 02:55

Ok, sounds great. We agree on your comparison of the 2 ‘tree on head images’ … but why do you think that the image is confusing people?
I think there can be only one answer … it’s not the image itself that is confusing in the perspective of NEXT NATURE. I think the concept is much more confusing.
I keep hoping that someday you will present the world: NEXTNATURE 2.0 … the re-definition of the concept!

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 06/10/2009 – 14:53

@ Martijn. Honestly I find the comparison between Levi van Veluws work and the goofy image of a little girl with two trees on her head, rather odd. Although they can both be tagged as 'person with tree growing on the head' they have a completely different intention and execution. I hope we can agree on there is a difference there.


We already agreed that the image is NOT next nature (see my earlier comment). Anyhow I notice the image is confusing to people within the nextnature framework... that I've learned. So thanks for the feedback.

Martijn van Mensvoort
Posted 02/10/2009 – 20:24

... for example, I just found a very likewise picture at Dutchcowboys, see:
This picture got me wondering, not sure that the 'human landscape' work of Levi van Veluw should be presented as a 'reinvention' ...or do you want us to include the picture of the little girl with 2 trees on her head within the next nature concept as well???
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