Tattooed Goldfishes

Van Mensvoort
September 16th 2009

If a tattooed pig is a bit too much for you, why not go for a tattooed goldfish? They bring you lost of luck and are available Chinese characters such as “Wealth, Dragon, Longevity, Happiness…” or flowery patterns that are inscribed onto the fishes’ skin with lasers.

Apparently the little fellows are so popular in China that the prices are shooting up. It is reported that the tattooed fish has been priced at about 20 yuan initially; but it is priced at 100 yuan now – price also depends on whether you buy a fish with a standard inscription or a bio-customized one with your personal markings. It still attracts many citizens to purchase. Pets have become more popular in China in recent years with the country's increasing prosperity.
Via NRCNext. Related: Branded Butterfly Wings, Self catching fish, HyperfishBiopresence: human DNA translated to trees, Hybrid carp with a human face, Feelings translated to plants, Branded pigs.  Thanks: Martijn de Waal.

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Sara Chukoian @Green Global Tr
Posted 12/03/2014 – 04:56

Wow, what an interesting post. I never thought there was something like this out there. How cool! Great pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Posted 02/12/2010 – 11:07

I can see it now, a tattoo sleeve of a goldfish with a tattoo. This could possibly be the end of the ever-so popular, koi fish sleeve. Jenkins!

Posted 13/01/2010 – 09:17

Not goldfish, cichlids.

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