Scared Cat

Van Mensvoort
November 20th 2009

BMW aggressively takes on the biomimicmarketing of Jaguar. Peculiar image of the week.

Via Infozaragoza. Related: The Naturalness of traveling with a Jeep, Facing Your Car, Steam Horse. Thanks iPeg.

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Posted 27/11/2009 – 12:50

If you stare hard enough, the Jaguar almost looks shocked and appalled. Even his bumper-hole is gaping.
Not lame at all.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 21/11/2009 – 00:14

@Ben: Yes indeed, thats how our peculiar images work. You call it lame, we call it an editorial model. Sometimes you just have to let the image speak for itself, rather than reasoning it to pieces with lost of letters. Not that I could not have written an entire essay on the various 'natures' conveyed in the image, describing how in general, every next nature threatens some older nature. Its all very layered and interesting in this case, but anyhow, I'll leave that all up to your imagination. Hope this takes away some of your lame feelings.
Also in this particular case the post is a quick response to the previous post: “Facing your car”.
Please read on there if you are in for something more explicit.

Posted 20/11/2009 – 21:26

What is this post even about? Usually you manage something more interesting than a big ad and a buzz-word to tie it in.

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