Urban Camouflage

Van Mensvoort
November 2nd 2009

urban camouflage supermarket
Laurent La Gamba makes photographic installations dealing with camouflage. His work juggles with the idea of natural procrypsis in the urban space and deals with the relations among people, living environment, and technology.

Urban Camouflage

urban camouflage supermarket iii

urban camouflage supermarket ii

Urban Camouflage

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John. C.Ritic
Posted 02/05/2011 – 01:50

Well. what a load of shite. who the hell wastes their time and money doing this stuff? Time to grow up me thinks and get a real job...

kitty cerise
Posted 06/02/2011 – 00:59

How do you do those pictures ? Do you paint on body and clothes or do you edit them on photoshop ?

Posted 20/11/2010 – 19:02

Liu Bo Lin Started doing this first, and he is way better at it. This person seems like a cheap imitator in my opinion.
Border line artist plagiarism.

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