Next Nature Spotter – iPhone application
April 21st 2010

While the spotting of old nature phenomena in our surroundings – birds, insects, trees, stars, etc – has a large tradition enjoyed by millions, the spotting of next nature phenomena is still more quirky and yet to be defined.

Join our quest to explore nature caused by people. If you own an iPhone, use this free application to spot next nature phenomena around you. On a map you can see all spots that are submitted in your neighborhood and comment on them. Of course there is also an integrated blog reader and additional info on next nature including a visual essay and FAQ.

The Next Nature spotter was developed in collaboration with Studio Sophisti, with support of the Mondriaan Foundation. Comments and ideas for improvements are welcome!

p.s. Although next nature is first and foremost a philosophical view on the interrelation between people, nature and technology in the larger evolutionary game, of which we realize the effects are not always necessarily visible in a geographical sense, we still find it worthwhile to see how this reflects in our surroundings.

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Posted 23/09/2013 – 14:52

An honest attempt to create a mobile application which, is really takes mobile application users near to the nature and allows them to enjoy the entire natural atmosphere in the iPhone itself.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 29/07/2010 – 12:58

Sorry about this, our app is temporarily taken out of the store awaiting an new version for iPhone OS4. This will take at least a few days. I will post a comment here when it is back in store!

Posted 29/07/2010 – 11:52

Strange indeed, iTunes reports that the app is not available in the dutch Appstore. Was it banned for some reason?

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