Polar ice gone in two days

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
December 4th 2010

You have only two days left to purchase your own piece of history at the MyPolarIce store in Amsterdam and express the value the polar caps have for you – in real money. €24,95 to be exactly (approx. $33 for our american readers). Bring the heated debate back home and let your unique chunk of polar ice hybernate in your freezer, to pass it on to future generations.

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Posted 06/12/2010 – 16:06

Heated debate? This is more like a cheap entrepreneurship piggy backing, more and more, dubious issue. Perhaps an ice from currently frozen UK is worth something too? Talking about global issues many people are restricted by they local selfishness.
They want to "remember" the ice like it was something disappearing here and now, like the new generations were just around the corner and will arrive here in next few days. How unrealisticly ridiculous is the idea of using freezer to hibernate ice, like flying on a private jet to climate change convention.
There is also a very important notion of history in objects, in particular natural objects. They usually bear historical values but this one's value is forced into it for commercial purpose only. Low hanging fruit, that's what it is.

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