Windmill Trees

Rolf Coppens
July 15th 2011

A new Dutch landscape with windmills up to 120 meters. Designed by NL Architects.

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ウェディングドレス ランキング
Posted 17/08/2013 – 04:53

ウエディングドレス 格安

Posted 17/07/2011 – 11:07

The association between "cleaner air" and "cleaner energy" is a typical nonsense of the dialectic of ecology. The cleanliness of air and water is of little significance for the electric turbine and its operator. At best, the input is left untouched, but doesn't get cleaner in the process, and the output is still largely wasted.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 13/09/2010 – 22:21

Schoolbook example of a so-called 'progressive nostalgic' design strategy.

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