Next Nature Hands Out Performance-Enhancing Pills

Allison Guy
November 2nd 2011

Recently Google slapped our site with a warning that "something's not right here!" It seems that the Drug Enforcement Agency has caught the Next Nature staff handing out baggies of performance-enhancing pills in Amsterdam. How else will our audience be able to handle the Power Show without an artificial boost?

Okay, so we've been joking: Google found a potential security leak in our website last week. We fixed it quickly, and a few more days elapsed before the Internet noticed. But we have been distributing these snappy pink flyers. Click through to learn more about the side effects of Next Nature.

We admit that Vitamin E, calcium, and some candy won't make you better, stronger, or faster.

It's true, however, that the promise of some mystery substances is a good way to get people to read your flyer.

The Next Nature Power Show is not endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration or Mothers Against Transhumanism.

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