Man Flies Like a Bird

Van Mensvoort
March 20th 2012

Some months ago we wrote about the dream of mechanical-engineer Jarno Smeets to fly like bird. Over the last few months Jarno worked steadily to materialize his dream. Today Jarno posted a video in which he actually takes off.

Filed under: magical, inspiring, unbelievable, humane technology.

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Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 28/03/2012 – 01:22

@ Josh: like I said "magical, inspiring, unbelievable". The Jarno Smeets video's where made by Dutch film maker Floris Kaayk. Same guy who made the intro leader for the Next Nature Power Show (
..and of course the classic mockumentary: Order Electrus (
Hope you enjoyed the dream of semi human powered birdwings. Hopefully one day, it will be a reality.

Josh Musket
Posted 21/03/2012 – 13:53

Cool looking, but so fake.

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