Meanwhile in the Next Nature Lab
June 13th 2012

Last week, the young and talented designers of the Next Nature lab at the Eindhoven University of Technology presented their end of semester works in an internal exhibition. There are 58 designers & 10 coaches active in the next nature theme.

Projects range from autonomous sailing boats, to smoke bracelets, to adaptive medical systems, to lab-grown meat visualizations. Some snapshots.

DIY autonomous sailing boat by Sina Kazeni.

The guys from the Protei wild robotic project with their autonomous sailing boats.

Tom & Casper present their syntbio kit proposals.

Electronic tags trigger short movies you watch through the microscope.

Idowu demonstrates his unobtrusive respiration monitoring system.

Frits is exploring augmented seashells as a means to connect people with the ocean.

A subtly vibrating arm brace designed to keep you in flow with your agenda.

Koen transforms musical memories into tangible objects.

Pretty nifty 3D printed models

Indulge in some lab-grown carpacio meat with Karin (may contain placebo effect).

Or have your dinner old-nature style with some uberly fresh grasshoppers.

Koert in our happy-clappy award ceremony.

We will post more on some of the individual project later.

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