Frisky Whisky: Radioactive Booze from the Atomic Age

Allison Guy
December 12th 2013

Every bottle tested by a geiger counter! No doubt one of the stranger beverages from yesteryear, Frisky Whiskey promises that it's "the world's first whiskey to be aged by atomic materials. Its thirty day process is equivalent to 40 years of standardized 19th century aging." First, and hopefully last. This dubious drink is demonstrates how marketers jump on new scientific trends as a way to give their products an edge – even if that 'edge' is imaginary.

EDIT: Alas, too bad to be true. It's a fake. Guess we'll have to go back to drinking radium-infused water from the office Revigator.

Via Retronaut.

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Angelo S
Posted 12/12/2013 – 21:03

I'm sorry but this isn't what you think it is: it's a joke product. It shakes violently when you pick it up due to a motor inside. There's no radiation or whiskey: jJust read the box on the picture you posted or check out the link I included as my "website".

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