Cosmos Tourism

Alessia Andreotti
February 4th 2014

Space journey “low cost”! 75.000 dollars for a seat on board of the World View Experience, a luxurious space capsule for tourists.

As we can read on the website: “Imagine floating in the immensity of space, gazing at spectacular views of our planet. Now this captivating, transformative experience – once reserved only for astronauts – is a voyage you can take to the frontier of space for a view of our world like none other.”

Thanks to a helium-filled balloon, the module can go up 30 kilometers, enough to see the Earth's horizon, sailing the stratosphere for two hours.

World View flights are planned to start in approximately three years, and the company intends to be able to launch from several different locations.
Voyage to the edge of space, the journey of a lifetime!

Source: Forbes

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