Drone Crash

Lotte Biesheuvel
April 13th 2014

An unsuspecting triathlete was only few meters away from the finish line when a drone crashed onto her head. Not able to complete the race, she was taken to a local hospital with minor head injuries.

The drone was operated by a local photographer, to film the triathletes competing in the race. It was flying 10 meters above the race, while the minimum distance should be 30 meters away from people.

The photographer claims that somebody in the crowd took control of the drone through a mobile hacking program. He also declares that the drone didn't directly hit the athlete, while the triathlete herself and other participants say it did. The event is now being investigated by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Maybe it's a good idea for Australia to permit the hunting of drones like they do in Colorado, or widely spread the drone survival guide to prevent this kind of accidents from happening again.

Source: BBC

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