Hemihelix: A New Geometric Shape

Alessia Andreotti
April 27th 2014

Harvard scientists discovered hemihelix, a rare new shape. This three-dimensional structure has been created using nothing more innovative and complex than rubber bands.

Hemihelix is a shape infrequently found in nature, researcher took inspiration from cephalopods, the group of animals that include octopuses and squids. As reported in the study: “Nature abounds with complex, three-dimensional shapes. Of these, the helix and spiral are amongst the most ubiquitous, often emerging during growth from initially straight or flat 2-D configurations.”

Thanks to the introduction of this structure, scientists can mimic its geometrical features in new molecules that could lead to possible advances in modern nanodevices, such as sensors, resonators, and electromagnetic wave absorbers.

Read more on: Harvard SEAS

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