Salmon Cannon Shoots Fish Over Dams

Alessia Andreotti
August 21st 2014

Artificial water constructions, such as dams, can pose a threat for wildlife, and for salmon in particular, blocking their migratory path towards rivers. To solve this problem Whooshh Innovations designed a fish-launching device: a sort of cannon that sucks salmon up and “shoots” them out in a different body of water.

The company, who had developed a method of gently and quickly transporting fruit over long distances via a tube, decided to adapt the system to fish.

The salmon either swim or are placed inside the tube, where they are misted with water; vacuum pressure then gives the fish a boost, speeding them 24-35 km/h.

Does it sound foolish or surreal? Even the salmon cannon creator, Todd Deligan, acknowledges how bizarre his idea can seem.

“At a talk at the National Hydropower Association, I hit play on the video and the first fish goes flying out, and the audience is dying. I had to say, ‘It’s OK to laugh, this is utterly ridiculous’” he told The Verge. “Then people start talking and they say, ‘Holy cow, why hadn’t we thought of something like this before?’”.

Source: The Verge

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