Save the Humans – Call for Quotes
December 14th 2014

We call upon you, dear readers, to participate in a new publication from the Next Nature Network: SAVE THE HUMANS!.

We are becoming increasingly intimate with the machines that constantly control and watch the way we live. How can the growing world population of more than 7 billion people create a humane life for everyone? Let’s find the errors and the holes in the technosphere that will give us space for free and creative thinking. Let’s use the brain pixels that are not taken yet. And Save the Humans!

We invite you to make a contribution by submitting quotes that question the autonomy of mankind in the digital computer era, and study the future of the independent creative spirit.

How to contribute?
Collect, filter, scout and search for exceptional texts and statements. It makes no difference whether they were written yesterday or a thousand years ago. From Plato to Marshall McLuhan, to Mark Zuckerberg.

Some examples:
“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers” - Plato
We are starting to wear our brains outside our skulls” – Marshall McLuhan
“All activities get better when performed socially” – Mark Zuckerberg

Send your quote before January 31 to stating name, address, city, profession, age and email address. Contributions can be submitted in any language and will be translated into English.

Sounds nice, but what’s in it for me?
If your quote will be featured in the publication, you'll l receive a free copy and your name will be mentioned in the book. An editorial board consisting of Koert van Mensvoort, Geert Lovink, Ronald van Tienhoven and Mieke Gerritzen will select the best quotes.

About the publication
This colorfully designed book, featuring quotes by thinkers in the fields of art, science and technology, will shows us the condition of the free mind of creative people in the 21st century. It will stimulate you in an accessible and open, yet critical way, to ponder on and reflect about what the changes mean for our lives. By doing so, we can make better use of the qualities we have achieved in thinking and creativity and develop them further.

The publication will appear in the fall of 2015. The idea and design is by Mieke Gerritzen (designer/director MOTI).

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