Shape your Second Skin Using your Mind

Timo Lejeune
March 13th 2015

In the quest of new ways to express what we think and feel, you might come across some interesting designs. Synapse, by interaction designer Behnaz Farahi, is one of them. This 3D printed helmet translates brain activity into the movements of its shape-changing structure.

The device uses modified technology, developed by brain-computer interface company NeuroSky, to connect with the Electroencephalography (EEG) of the brain. This gives Synapse the ability to measure different types of brain data, including attention and meditation, expressing them to the outside world.

The development of this intricate design serves as an exploration of our interplay with the environment, with the ultimate goal to effectively control the sourrandings with our thoughts. This might change the way we interpret the environment, as we blur together into one entity, turning it into an extension of our body. With the environment and the wearable simultaneously changing shape as a direct result of our brain activity, we might be able to express more emotional responses.

To make the helmet as flexible and soft as possible, it was used a multi-material 3D print technique by software corporation Autodesk. This material should alter the feeling of the object, making perceive it as second skin with added functionality.

Watch this video to see it in action:


Source: Behnaz Farahi

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