The Sound System that Knows your Mood

Martijn Bohnen
April 7th 2015

BeoSound Moment, by Danish company Bang & Olufsen, is a sound system that uses artificial intelligence to predict the music the user is in the mood for. The device works thanks to a recent innovation, called PatternPlay, that enables the system to learn listening behavior and musical preferences from every interaction with the user.

The controller of the system is based on the tablet concept and offers very minimalistic and easy control. One pushbutton can be used to turn on the system, skip through a song and control the volume. The other “button” is a touchscreen with a color wheel, which allows the users to choose the music based on their mood. The colors distinguish a happy, energetic, melancholic and relaxed feeling. The proposals of the system can be songs from the user’s collection, or it can access music from the streaming service ‘Deezer’. This offers access to over 35 million different songs.

The proposal depends on the chosen color and position on the mood wheel. The system will play a song from the user collection if they touch the mood wheel close to the center. Touching it more to the outer circle of the wheel will result in unfamiliar music proposals gathered from the streaming service.

The system is intelligent because it not only adaptable to earlier systems, but it can also act and learn pro-actively. This means it can provide variable output, based on the situation or user needs.

Story and image via Hypebeast

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