Marketing the Oceans

Adriene Lilly
July 31st 2015

Eco-friendly fashion is in vogue, evidenced by terms like “recycled-material” and “sustainable manufacturing” battered around as selling points for everything from sheets to shoes. So, despite how easy it is to hide the source of a material, when designers venture into this brand of lifestyle-fashion the incentive it to reveal, not mask, a product’s recycled roots. Take the new Adidas concept shoe, crafted with recycled materials gathered from the oceans.

The sneakers were created by British designer Alexander Taylor and displayed at Parley for the Oceans, a UN sponsored initiative aimed at protecting the oceans.

The sea-green stitching wound around the shoe’s surface do more than just hint at the re-appropriated fishing net used to construct it, they also call to the philosophy embedded within the design material. What’s more, Adidas has “plans to raise awareness about the state of the seas with a sustainable collection made from the reclaimed waste, in further collaboration with Parley for the Oceans”. This, coupled with the phase-out of plastic bags in stores, puts Adidas in the increasingly popular camp of companies that use sustainability and eco-conscious design as marketing.

Source: Dezeen

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