The Drone Circus

Alessia Andreotti
August 7th 2015

The first ever circus consisting entirely of drones is coming to Amsterdam. This fall the Amsterdam Arena will host a choreographed airshow using nothing but drones combined with lights and sounds. Dutch event company Fjuze launched a video for the event, called Air. It’s an extravagant preview that looks like a sci-fi movie trailer.

Based on the trailer, the drones will be equipped with lasers and projectors to create holograms. Spectators can probably also expect to see some drone acrobatics.

Klaas Rohde, the mind behind the show, is not yet totally sure exactly how many drones will be in the air at once, “but I think over 100 drones will be attending the show”, he says. Some of the drones will be piloted by human pilots, while others will be controlled by computer.

What Rohde is sure of is that in the performance the drones will be actual characters in a plot. There will be drama, humor and surprise. “You can change drones, you can make them look like Earth or land. You can rave, you can let them dance, you can interact with people. A drone can be a character”.

Source: BBC Future

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