Forget Google Street View, Here’s Cat Street View

Wei Lun Wang
September 6th 2015

Onomichi, a city in the Hiroshima prefecture in Japan, has recently launched an online street view map to introduce the view of the city by a cat's perspective. From the feline residents, the Cat Street View map offers a fresh angle to look at the urban space in a different way, disclosing the hidden routes and secret paths that were never visible before.

The site allows viewers to virtually explore the shopping district in Onomichi City, which is especially known for its high density of cats. By using features such as Meotag, it points out the major attractions, kitty-friendly establishments, and highlights where other cats are located.

The developments of technology have helped the citizens to smoothly collect and actually spread the data and information from animals. The same technicians and similar equipment used for Google Maps were used to record these “paw prints” in Onomichi City. With tools such as web cams, roller cams, and action cameras, the map reveals us a virtual tour from a height of nine-and-a-half inches off the ground. Instead of focusing on the popular drone market, showing us a bird’s eye view, Cat Street View provides us with the lower perspectives and the neglected scenery close to the ground. Let’s do the catwalk!

Source: TechCrunch, Popular Science

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