Let the WiFi Angels app soundtrack your holidays!

December 19th 2015

It's the holiday season, can you hear bells ringing and angels singing all around? No? That's because you didn't download WiFi Angels, the new free smartphone app that translates WiFi networks into singing angels.

WiFi radiation is everywhere, yet invisible to our human senses. The WiFi Angels app lets you sense electromagnetic radiations by turning the WiFi networks that surround you into a celestial choir.

What would the world sound like if WiFi networks were audible? Every area has its own soundscape. Streets, parks, subways, hotels, highways and beaches all sound different. With the WiFi Angels app the environment becomes perceivable. According to how many networks are around you the intensity of the choir will change. Next time you are looking for a WiFi network just follow the angels!

The WiFi Angels app is a Next Nature project, conceived by Koert van Mensvoort and Floris Kaayk. The app is available for Android only, as iOS for iPhone doesn’t allow developers to make the required WiFi measurements.

Download it for free and let the WiFi Angels soundtrack your holidays!

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