The Danger of a Plastic Sea

Margherita Olivo
April 4th 2016

Surfers Against Sewage is a charitable organization created with the aim of protecting "the oceans, waves and British beaches". Their environmentalist battle to bring to the public attention the pollution of our seas and the exploitation of the coast has resulted, over the years, in some effective and sometimes very explicit awareness campaigns. In their provocative last images the target is plastic.

The graphic realization was curated by specialized agencies and make a great impact. As for now, plastic never goes away, covering about 40% of the ocean surface. Plastic pollution has a direct and deadly effect on wildlife. Its impact, scientists proved, can spread along the food chain to affect human health. Researches show that by 2050 plastic waste will outnumber the number of fish in the sea.
plastic to outnumber fish by 2050

surfers against sewage plastic sea

plastic presence in our oceans

Source and Images: Surfers Against Sewage

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