Moscow Spent $1.3M for a Day of Sunshine

Alessia Andreotti
April 29th 2016

On the first of May the sun will shine bright over Moscow. This year the International Worker's Day coincides with the celebration of the Orthodox Easter. Since the weather is expected to be cloudy and rainy, Moscow authorities decided to pay for a clear blue sky.

Steady temperatures and sun will be guaranteed by special airplanes that will spray a solution of granulated carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen and special cement. These military planes will attack the clouds before they will arrive to the city. The chemically perforated clouds will then immediately dissolve or empty themselves, pouring out rain on the villages outside Moscow.

The operation to ensure sunshine on May first is going to cost $1.3 million and the expenses will be covered by the Moscow city budget. Cloud control it's no new for Russia, usually the nation employs this technology on another three occasions: V-Day, Russia Day and Moscow City Day.

For next year, in case of cloudy sky we recommend them the CloudCrayons, the rockets from our NANO Supermarket able to change the color of clouds.

Source: Gawker, The Moscow Times. Image: Shutterstock

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