VR Days Europe: Next Nature Habitat

Monika Kozub
November 8th 2016

The Next Nature Habitat project premiered during VR Days Europe in Amsterdam this weekend. On Friday and Saturday we invited people to experience four possible future scenarios and start a discussion about the future of human world.

Surrounded by gaming companies, business startups and commercial stands, Next Nature Network's installation was a surprise to many guests. A black vinyl floor with the names of the four scenarios surrounded by neon lights drew much attention. The debate about how to design our enviroment triggered by VR technology began successfully.

More than 40 people were able to watch the film and choose among Garden of Eden, Modernist Dream, Techno Favela and Hypernatural Resort. They "populated" the habitat after the experience by placing a sticker on the floor. Even more visitors were engaged into a discussion which brought up many interesting questions. Some viewers thought we already live in Techno Favela, which means we are controlled by machines, but we don't want to admit that. Others were interested in blending the borders between each of the scenarios to create the best solution for mankind. Some expressed their concern on the fact that we will have to rebuilt our civilisation from scratch (Garden of Eden) after the next global military conflict. No matter what the solution will be, everyone agreed that a debate is needed.

Next Nature Habitat at VR Days Europe

Next Nature Habitat VR Days Europe

Next Nature Habitat at VR Days Europe

Next Nature Habitat at VR Days Europe

Next Nature Habitat at VR Days Europe

Photos: VR Days Europe, Next Nature Network

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