Lilou the Airport Pig Will Soothe Your Travel

Monika Kozub
December 28th 2016

If you happen to be at San Francisco International Airport on the hectic Holiday time, LiLou can help you alleviate the stress. She wears fancy ballerina skirt, has bright painted nails and an officer hat. Her winning personality and sense of fun make her a perfect match for the position. What may come as a surprise, LiLou is a Juliana-breed pig.

She joined the airport Wag Brigade team of therapy animals this month, as part of carefully planned Animal Assisted Therapy program, so you don't need to worry about LiLou's stress at all.

San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has everything under control, with more than 300 cats, dogs and rabbits who already help people to calm down during their flights.

If San Francisco is not on your route you can visit LiLou's Instagram account, it may help as well.

Source: The Telegraph. Image: The GuardianPeople

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