The Tree of (After) Life

Ruben Baart
January 15th 2017

A lot of us might wonder what happens when the circle of life ends. Will we reincarnate? And if so, in what form? Meet Bios Incube: a smartphone-connected biodegradable urn that turns cremated remains into a tree.

Reportedly, more and more people choose cremation after death. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, 2015 was the first year more people were cremated in the US than buried: “Today's families are bringing new values, preferences and opinions that are changing the world of funeral service. They are thinking differently about how they want to honor their loved ones”.

That’s where the Bios Incube comes in. According to their website: “The Bios Incube lets you plant your Bios Urn in your home to bring you a personal experience that honors your loved ones […] "The intent of the Bios Incube is to offer people a sustainable alternative for remembering deceased persons or pets in a natural and contemporary way".

Once the urn is placed inside the incubator, all that is left is to place a conductivity sensor on top of the soil. This sensor keeps track of the soil data, while at the same time it waters the tree using the water reservoir inside the planter. In short, the Bios Incube offers instant access to your tree health and growth. We have never been so close to the remains of our loved ones, and all it's needed is a Wi-Fi connection.

Source: Bios Urn

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