Cyborg Cabin Crew

Ruben Baart
May 26th 2017

Fasten your seat belts, Air New Zealand is equipping its flight attendants with augmented reality headsets to explore in-flight optimization. The project, currently in beta testing, uses Microsoft’s Hololens technology to improve inflight customer service, giving passengers a glimpse of what the future of air travel might look like.

Nowadays there are more people flying in airplanes (at this very moment) than were alive in the Stone Age - and each one of those flying passengers have specific needs. By placing data-driven layers of information on top of the personnel’s view, this technology enhances flight attendants' duties by aggregating and displaying key customer information directly in front of them, including emotional state.

The cabin crew will have direct access to the passengers' meal choice and allergies, onward flight plans, loyalty membership details, name and city of provenance. Basically, the sky is the limit and resides in ultimate comfort. The hostess and steward of the future are better, faster and visually enhanced.

Source: MSPoweruser

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