Rent a Rain Room

Elle Zhan Wei
May 24th 2017

Do you love that have a romantic walk under the rain, but can’t wait until the next time the clouds decide? No problem, you can rent a rain room.

Rain Room is an installation developed by Random Internationals and currently on display at MoMA. It is a room with simulated rain and motion sensor technology, so that the viewers can go through the rain without getting wet. It has gained international fame, people have waited up to ten hours just to experience the installation. In China, the concept has already been copied by a theme park where a replica of the rain room will be permanently opened.

What’s so special about reenacting the rain inside a room? The fascination comes from how a daily natural phenomenon is remade indoors. We’ve likely all seen rain, but never indoors (or did we?). And especially not rain that stops where you walk. It is like rain 2.0. We imitate nature to our romantic needs, turning it into art and culture. But most importantly, once you’ve had enough, you can switch it off - a power we don't have with nature, yet.

Source: Creators. Image: LA Times

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