Orange Petunias Banned in Europe

Julie Reindl
June 13th 2017

You would be surprised to hear that planting orange petunias is illegal. While at first this might sound like one of the most useless laws, there is a good reason behind it. Let's start by saying that petunias simply cannot get that orange color naturally.

Garden enthusiasts are usually not aware of the secret the orange petunia keeps. By way of gene modification, the flower is synthetically given its 'natural' color by mixing its genes with the ones of the corn, and this might be a problem. Researchers said that genetically modified plants had been shown to harm butterfly populations, as well as creating 'super-weeds'. Petunias are especially known for attracting butterflies, which is where the problem comes in.

The second problem the unregulated spread of GM petunias all over Europe. Without being labeled as gene modified they sneak into supply chains and our backyards. When looking for pictures of orange petunias, hundreds of them come up, proving that the Frankenstein flowers found their way into our nature. So in case you recently bought a bunch of orange petunias, you might want to check with the color palette of nature, as these flowers are showing us that real nature is not orange.

Source: The Telegraph

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