‘FRAP’ stands for Fear of a Recently Added Person

February 20th 2019

Do you know that feeling when you add someone on your social media and you cannot help to think that, now that this person sees your profile, your posting will never be the same? Right. That's FRAP right there.

FRAP could apply to anyone; a person that you admire, a childhood friend, a crush, or perhaps a family member.

In any case, FRAP refers to a person whose opinion obviously matters to you — or who at least has some kind of influence on you. Every time you post an update, you are more self-conscious about that person than any of the other followers.

No worries, after some time, this person usually blends in with the other people, and all of this fear and excitement, it goes away.

From the Dictionary of Online Behavior; a project by NNN members TeYosh.Over the next few weeks, we will weekly publish a new word thatdescribes behavior that has emerged on social networks and has changedour way of communication.

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