Q: Is the technology outside or inside your body?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
July 18th 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

The first computers barely fit in your living room. This all changed with the introduction of the desktop computer which sits, well, on your desk. The laptop is designed to live on your lap and your smartphone is made to live in your pocket (but has more computing power than that first computer). One conclusion could be that while computing power increases, the sizes of computers shrink — and they creep up closer to our bodies.

In the future, will you accept a super computer as a tooth implant?

We can only imagine what next generations in this evolutairy path would look like. We can talk about ‘what’ technology is, ‘how’ it works and ‘why’ we need it, but more and more, we should ask ourselves ‘where’ it is (or could be).

The following steps will help you formulate a vision for the inner/outer bodily experience of your technology.

Do it yourself!

  • Describe where your technology currently resides.
  • Think about where else it could be, and how it would be applied on the moon, on the southpole, around your wrist or in the retina of your eyes.
  • Discuss technology as located inside the body. How acceptable or ‘natural’ is this idea to you?
  • Share your thoughts below!

Your next (nature) design tool

The Pyramid of Technology toolkit is our conceptual navigation tool that visualizes how technology becomes nature. The box contains 70 cards with insights, exercizes and questions to help you dream, build and live in your next nature. Visit the Next Nature Academy and learn more about our workshops, methods and tools.

How natural is the idea of technology residing inside your body to you?


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