The alien superorganism in ‘Annihilation’
July 30th 2020

Annihilation (2018) is all about The Shimmer. A meteorite has crashed around a lighthouse and the area is slowly expanding. From the outside it looks like an oil slick bouncing off the sun, but once inside The Shimmer you initially get a magical, fairytale feel. If you look a little further, it appears that something is not right. Several expeditions have entered the area, only nobody came out.

To Lena's husband (Natalie Portman), Kane returns completely dazed and visits his wife. She has no idea where he has been, but as soon as Kane has an internal bleeding, she is also taken to the secret center just outside The Shimmer. To save her husband, she joins four women who will venture the latest expedition. The goal is to reach the lighthouse, but on their way there, the mysteries keep getting bigger and the sacrifices heavier.

Nature's distortions are also increasing and everything seems to be mutating. It could be read as a next nature in its own right, which is wild and unpredictable as ever.

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