Imagine a graveyard without tombstones, instead there are growing trees that contain genetic material of the deceased people burried there.


Biopresence creates Human DNA trees by transcoding the essence of a human being within the DNA of a tree in order to create "Living Memorials" or "Transgenic Tombstones". Biopresence uses the DNA Manifold algorithm, which allows for the transcoding and entwinement of human and tree DNAs. The Manifold method is based on the naturally occurring silent mutations of base triplets, this means it is possible to store information without affecting the genes of the resulting tree. (related project: biojewellery)

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  • Is it possible to code the DNA of a human being into the tree, so the tree develops human-like physical traits? Of course, cross-breeding completely different species is impossible, now, but can it be done in a different way to manifest a human looking tree?

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  • No, I guess you won't, since the human dna is replacing 'junk DNA' of the tree. In this project, the tree should not be affected by the human dna at al. So its effect is a placebo type effect. Still, you know the DNA of the deceased is in the tree and that should be enough for it's memorial function.

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  • nice... will you be able to recognize the person in the tree?

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