The GloCar uses LED lights to change body panel colours, intensity and frequency. A driver can thus choose at will to either stand out or blend in. Alongside the cosmetic value come significant safety benefits. Over 60% of accidents occur at junctions at night. Iluminated by translucent plastic panels and LED lights, the GloCar offers enhanced visibility. When a car comes too close, the panels increase in intensity, signaling to the driver to keep a distance. A further safety benefits comes from the fact that the GloCar can be seen from all angles, not just headlights and taillights. The rear panel doubles up as a brake light, and the side panels as indicators.

Powered by fuel cell technology, the GloCar offers environmental benefits over conventional cars. It potentially eliminates the need for vehicle paint and cuts down on waste. It also simplifies manufacturing, as only one version of the vehicle is produced - ironically, the same advantage Henry derived from stipulating the single colour black in the early days!


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  • Anyone knows if this project has a website?

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