augmented fish

augmented fish

Augmented Fish Reality is an interactive installation of five rolling robotic fish-bowl sculptures. These sculptures allow Siamese Fighting fish (Betta Splendons) to use intelligent hardware and software to move their robotic bowls - under their control. Siamese fighting fish have excellent eyes which allow them to see outside the water. They have color vision and seem to like the color yellow. Humans interact with the work simply by entering the environment.

This installation was created by Ken Rinaldo, who will give a speedlecture on his new installation 'Our Daily Bread' at the Paradise by the Laptop Light event on Next Nature at STRP Festival this Friday.

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  • JC

    That poor betta...

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  • thT IS TOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BETTAS!!!!!!!!!!

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