The Vin Memoriam concept introduces a new ritual in the mourning process after losing a loved one. When a person has passed away, a small amount of blood can be processed into a bottle of wine. This wine can either be chosen by the person, relatives, or an expert to match the character of the person to the character of the wine. The wine is meant to be consumed, but could also be placed in a visible place instead of an urn. This concept connects the 5000 year old tradition of winedrinking, with the loss of a loved one, and cannibalism. Since the rest of the body is processed regularly, there is no violation of laws on cannibalism. Wine itself is not just a fluid. Wine will ripe and transform further in the bottle, and in this case, together with the departed.

You drink this wine to remember this person, to raise your glasses one more time in his/her honor. Or on a special occasion that you know that person would really appreciate. The rituals concerning the loss of a loved one are very personal, thus we do not state which wine you should take, or when or whether you should drink it.

This concept was created during the Master Module "Designing for Next Nature" lead by Koert van Mensvoort, on the faculty Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. The idea was created by Bart Smit, Jan Gillesen and Wouter Schrandt.

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  • Now that I think of it: 'physical symbols' might be an appropriate description for these type of designs?

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  • I've noticed there are various projects on the blog featuring physical / symbolic presences from deceased people and added them as related posts. They are tagged 'digital presence' but maybe some could invent a better tag for this stuff..

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  • Lovely project

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