designing for next nature

Some months ago we sent out a call for proposals asking for visions, statements & ideas on we how we can design, build and live in next nature. We received an overwhelming amount of proposals and thank all submitters for their creativity and effort. The jury selected six proposals for presentation at the upcoming powershow in LA.

And the selected proposals are...

Extreme Green Guerillia’s - Michiko Nitta, Royal College of Art, London

Tentative Architecture - Xárene Eskandar - UCLA

Genetic Trace - Susana Soares, Syracuse University New York

Magical Interaction - Joris van Gelder, Eindhoven University of Technology

New Shoes - Judith de Leeuw - Sandberg Institute Amsterdam

VacilLogix: Slightly Sociopathic Software - Casey Alt, UCLA

The jury consisted of: Kali Nikitas (OTIS), Lev Manovich (UCSD), Louise Sandhous (CalArts), Tim Durfee (Sci-arc), Adam Eeuwens, Rebecca Mendez (UCLA), Henri Lucas (UCLA), Nik Hafermaas (Art Center), Philip van Allen (Art Center), Anne Burdick (Art Center), Peter Lunenfeld (Art Center).

Designing for next nature: jury

Designing for next nature: jury

We thank the jury for their work and congratulate the selected submitters!

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