Once the Dutch became famous for their 'water-management'. Lately, their famous 'trick' turned into an obsession for mud, resulting into several experiments in and around Dubai. The so called innovation platform - an independent think-tank for innovation in the Netherlands - wants to spread Dutch fame (or mud) even further.

Arnouds post about the Tulip island reached a next level. In this movie the innovation platform presented their new ideas - referred to by bieslog as a new form of 'horizon pollution'.

Go here to watch the movie in English.

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  • Thanks Stijn, It is an honor to be nominated.. My guess is the jury will select the Wiskundemeisjes; they are so sweet & girly & Dutch. I can not think of a better promotion for 'kies exact'.

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  • https://nextnature.net is nominated for the dutch bloggies in the science category. Congratulations Guys! http://www.dutchbloggies.nl/pivot/entry.php?id=291&w=2007_dutch_bloggies#body

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  • Dutch Design follows the money. The money follows the water.

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  • Furthermore, I think it is interesting that — while All Gore told the World that the Dutch will be the victims of climate change and that their whole country will flood—, the Dutch innovation platform clearly thinks otherwise. Maybe a poor country like Bangladesh will flood, but not Holland!! Instead the Dutch will make a LOT of money from climate change by building dikes all over the world.

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  • Yeah.. I'd wish I had written that post, but it was Arnoud. I changed the name. I also changed the categorizing of this post. This whole thing is clearly about the cultivation of nature. When a post is is categorized in 'culture becomes nature' it usually doesn't have flowers, trees, mud or something we know from old nature in it.

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  • =A=

    Hello Sara, nice of you to blog along with us. I know Koert is a very busy writer; but let's not mix up the identities please :) And here's a reaction; can you explain why you think a next level is reached? Cause I see the same plan by the same people yet now told in a movie.

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