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Waking up is a problem (at least for 50% of the population). That's why alarm clocks exist; machines and devices are invented to solve problems. At first they serve one purpose only and need activation to function properly. But over time inventions seem to evolve and become more humane.

Some of them are patiently waiting for some interaction to happen. The alarm clock is no exeption to this, which illustrates this new device: The Glo Pillow is a nice example of calm–technology. You can now start the day browsing your pillow!

Domesticated Alarm Clock (works on grain and sunlight)

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock (thrilling devices are being invented)

The Turing Alarm Clock by Nick Johnson (clocks are getting smarter)

Banpresto DangerBomb Clock

This one is called the Banpresto DangerBomb Clock. When your alarm goes off in the morning, you have to disconnect the correct wire indicated by the light of the color. Doing it wrong results in loud explosion noises. Wake Up Light (virtual sunshine enters the bedroom)


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  • waking up is always a problem for the own body. Loud ringing alarm clocks can ruin a lot after a healthy and snuggly good night sleep. The right alarm clock for a perfect start into the day, that would be my choice, is the wake up light by Phillips. The soft light becoming brighter just until some sweet "wellness-music" starts in, is simply great. I recommend it to all our customers (even though we don't sell it!).

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