Modern society seems to have transformed human nature into a pathology. Our emotions are controlled by drugs. We are forced to operate within a narrow bandwith of what are considered 'acceptable' levels of emotion. We cannot go too far outside of this range, lest we be labeled an 'other', as a person out of control.

If we are too sad, we are depressed, and must be medicated. If we are too distracted, we have ADHD, and must be medicated. Human nature is being capitilized on by the drug companies. There is a pill for every mood, every emotion, every state. Our emotions are being pathologized for profit, our identities handed to us in small, jewel-colored pills.

"Take water, regain yourself." This is a mediated identity, that we are being charged for. So, what are the pros/cons emotions? What are the extremes? And how are emotions transformed into an easily digestible capsules designed to dilute and tamper these extremes?

Via Spacecollective.

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  • Try the Spacecollective link

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  • I like the image you've used to reflect our legalized drug culture. Do know the source? I'm an artist and if it's copyright free I'd like to use it. Thanks

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  • Reminds me of the court room scene in Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (1936) where the psychologist tries to prove the protagonist insane by demonstrating that his actions fall outside and beyond the socially "accepted" range of experience. Even in 1936, it was recognized that there are social constraints and expectations of our behavior; anything beyond those limits we don't know what to do with or how to talk about it. And, it seems, as soon as we loose the ability to fit other's experiences into our language, we can not think of anything else but to exile that individual. -- New pills, old problem.

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