"Nature adapts, even to human actions that seem to destroy everything. The amazing power of evolution has given birth to a new species of insect. Their ideal habitats are old industrial locations. Some call them electrical insects, others simply speak of a miraculous phenomenon, or even better, a self supporting order; the Order Electrus."

In the countdown to the Biggest Visual Power Show 2008 in Los Angeles we post some presentations of earlier editions. 'The Order Electrus' by Floris Kaayk, was first shown at Paradise by the Laptop Light in 2005 and later at the Powershow 2006 in the German Ruhrgebiet, where this mockumentary was also shot. Floris will present new work at the upcoming show in LA.

Order Electrus Next Nature

And in case you were wondering: No, the good people of NextNature.net don't find that footage of microchips having intercourse, a very realistic scenario. Metaphorically though, this movie is 100% true.

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