unused gadgets

Gadgets! You love them when you buy them, but what happens next? Over half of Brits have abandoned gadgets because they don't know how to use them properly.  Seventy-one per cent of Brits admitted they have up to 10 gadgets lying unused around the home. The total tally of neglected and misused gadgets is up to 190 million.

According to the survey conducted by BT Home IT Support, 94 per cent of people who experience problems with their home IT are too scared or proud to seek expert help. Over 80 per cent of those who have a problem try to fix it themselves, or ask family and friends for advice. Men look after their gadgets more carefully than women, the survey found, with 57 per cent cleaning their computer once a month. Only 42 per cent of women clean their PC as regularly.

Source: Webuser.co.uk. See also: The Order Electrus, Humans are the sex organs of Technology.

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