wood furniture

The image above shows the chair design from the Nature v2.01 project by draw me a sheep. As we struggle to find a new relation with nature, the difference between nature and culture becomes even more blurry. According to the designers: The more difficult it gets to find something authentic, more demands on ‘nature’ to be ‘natural’-yet to the extent that it is allowed by people.

Nature, considered to be original to its core, is increasingly becoming an interface controlled by man. The simple joy of breathing clean air, sitting on a tree trunk and listening to the birds has become luxury for some. And it seems that the search for true, unspoiled nature has never been so intense in the history of mankind. To me it this reminds me of Jurgen Bey's tree trunk, but it is a slightly different approach.

treetrunk bench

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  • Deja vu indeed, still not bad for a first post Jurrian.

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  • Hello Jurrian. Thanks for adding, but we have had this topic covered some time ago: https://nextnature.net/?p=2599 and https://nextnature.net/?p=1150 see also: https://nextnature.net/?p=2523

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