With the emergence of mobile phones, classical phone booths are used less and less. Seems like the Dutch telecoms operator KPN is re-tooling its phone booths to function as smoking booths? Well, so far it is just a witty design proposal by graphic designer Simone de Graef. Unsure if the telecoms companies are actually planning on this.

Nonetheless, it is kind of fascinating that 'calling', which used to be constrained in fixed lines and locations, is now entirely mobile and it is now socially acceptable to call almost everywhere: restaurant, train, toilet, airplanes, operahouse, etc. While smoking, which used to be mobile and done everywhere, is becoming increasingly limited to designated locations.

Apparently, every generation has its own sort of legalized drugs.

Thanks Ton.

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  • And recent studies on the topic of mobile-devices-causing-brain-cancer show that there is NO LINK!! In the next nature, who needs health insurance? All you need is a phone! :)

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  • Apparently, mobile phones actually cause youngsters to smoke less: As they spend most of their money on phone-calls, they don't have much money left to buy cigarettes! According to a research by Desan Research Solution in assignment of Belcompany.

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  • That, would be quite logical a step for the abandoned phone booths to be transformed into... what's next?

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