Doctor gets chip. Chip gets virus. Virus infects other devices... Dalek shoots doctor?

Dr. Mark Gasson of Reading University implanted a RFID chip under his skin last year. It is used to allow him secure access to University labs without a security card, and to use his mobile phone without fear of others gaining access to it. But recently he decided to infect it with a computer virus. The result was the virus being passed to other devices that scanned the chip, showing how a person in future could be a virus carrier for technology.



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  • Wow, things are moving fast! I have a blog that often talks about the repercussions of blurring the human/technology line and diseases were the topic of my first post ( I can see why people are afraid of implants, but when you look at current computer viruses there are already ones that directly target the brain, trying to fool you into installing malware by telling you it will protect you. Love your site!

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  • thats why a chip attached to your brain will never be a good idea. would be to easy for mind control. i would only go as far as mechanical limbs or electronic contact lense.

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