Sometimes you come across something that is not directly related to Next Nature, but só well made that it deserves a place on this website. Logorama, a 16 minute animation by the french design studio H5, is such a piece. That said, we can freely explore where this movie dóes relate to what we’re doing here…

Of course, there are the Corporate Animals as you might know from the Next Nature Wallpaper, the Biomimic Marketed Lacoste Crocodiles and the Biomimic Propagandic Democrat Donkey & Republican Elephant, all living in harmony together (well…) in a logomorph (?) world. But the story itself does not really elaborate on how our natural environment is replaced by a world of design. That world of design is just a given, and maybe thát’s where this movie relates. Seen from a Next Nature perspective, it’s not so much the story of the movie that makes sense, but the bare fact that this movie makes any sense at all to us which is interesting…

You can watch the full movie here, but don’t wait too long ‘cos it was already taken off YouTube (This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim blah di blah di blah). Read more about this Oscar Nominee on the Logorama website.

Via Teun Castelein.

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