Do you suffer from small health inconveniences and do you like to put salt on your morning egg? Why not combine the two? Medicinal All-Salt provides a low-dosage solution for things like headaches, depression and low libido. You refuse to pay insane amounts for birth control pills? Just season your dinner with the hand-harvested and sun dried salt. Or make it yourself for that matter. Via the site of All-Salt you can find a small guide that will help you to create your own medicinal salt out of the waste-water of your local water treatment plant.

With this project, the makers Jon Cohrs and Morgan Levy, want to fuel the discussion about pharmaceuticals in the waste water of water treatment plants. A lot of the medicines we take are not fully absorbed by our bodies and are urinated out after which they end up in the sewer and finally arrive at the water treatment plant. Here they should be filtered out but in reality a lot of dissolved medicine is not being withdrawn from the water and therefore ends up in the wastewater of the plant.  If you would actually scoop up some of this water after it has collided with salt water, the dissolved pharmaceuticals are now bound to the salt. So after evaporating the water, what you are left with is medicinal salt.

The makers address this phenomenon and problem in which we alter the ecosystem in such a way we can actually harvest something new from it. But let it be clear that this is not a good addition. The medicines in our water supplies form a serious threat to aquatic animal and plant life.

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  • Don't worry, I know. The fact that pharmaceuticals end up in our water supplies isn't as funny though.

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  • You know this is a joke, correct?

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