Finally a piece of biomimicmarketing (= using images of nature to market a product) that portrays nature as aggressive and destructive, rather than the idealizing and romanticizing campaigns we have seen so many of.

The Motorola Brute is designed to 'beat' nature (anthropomorphized as “mother”) by being able to withstand “extreme temperatures, blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, pressure and humidity…”  Only Motorola can slap somebody they call mother. Quite a contrast with the AT&T interpretation of cellphones.

Via Sociological Images.

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  • What? You applaud an ad that promotes human hubris and exploitation of the environment AND implicitly supports violence against women? WOW. Good critical thinking skills you have there... I just deleted this site from my website and my memory.

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  • I'd agree with ank0ku about this - there's a literary precedent of a tradition in Canadian Literature (examined in Northrop Frye's "The Bush Garden" [1972]) of an immigrant culture that imports a romanticized version of "nature" which it finds itself at odds with the reality of "Life in the Bush." Seems that we've just got shiny new methods of kidding ourselves about our dependence on a benevolently indifferent ecology.

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  • Indeed, only a culture divorced from its environment and home could produce something as profoundly stupid as this.

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