Fakeness is traditionally associated with inferiority; cheap Rolexes that break in two weeks, plastic Christmas trees, leaking silicone breasts, imitation caviar... However, in a society in which everything is a copy of a copy, the 'fake' seems to gain a certain authenticity.

Can you imagine anything more classy and luxurious than these anonymous, brand less, recognizable ‘throw away’ bags re-created in durable, high quality leather by Femke de Vries? Better than the real thing!

bags fakeplastic made from leather

Via Trendbeheer.

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  • I love my little NextNature booklet so I decided to check this site. I am tickled to see one of my designs here! see my husband's and I design gallery website http://www.maus-haus.com and look for leather accesories. Maus Haus was founded in Beirut, lebanon in 2003

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